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In the past, when a person found themselves struggling with alcohol or drug addiction and wanted to find a treatment center where they could get help and recover from their addiction, there may have been that fear of discerning looks, judgmental people, and cold, stark facilities. Well a lot has changed over the years when it comes to addiction treatment centers. Now there are friendly and caring staff in Los Angeles who want nothing more than to help those that are willing to seek treatment for their addiction.

For example, there’s a treatment center in California (I won’t mention the name) that has helped many celebrities with their addiction and they specialize in recovery and treatment for alcohol and/or drugs addiction. While admitting to having an alcohol or drug addiction may have been frowned upon in the past, having the courage to admit to the addiction and the strength to overcome it is more important these days.

Many treatment centers are decorated with modern furniture, beautiful landscapes, and upgraded facilities. Most recover facilities have plenty of room to move about and some even offer various activities for the residents to choose while living on the premises.

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While not all treatment centers are created equal, some even give its patients healing massages, nutrition programs to maintain a healthier diet, and promote exercise through group activities.

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These features may not sound like your traditional drug or alcohol recovery center, but the idea of making a treatment or recovery center so inviting is so that people are less reluctant to go when they find themselves battling an addiction. Often, it can be intimidating to think of being away from home and at an in-patient treatment center for an extended period of time. When these centers are more like hotels or residential communities, it makes the recovery process that much more comfortable for the patients.

Many addiction treatment facilities are often run like a community where decisions about how the community operates are primarily left up to the residents. There are arranged meetings when issues arise, and those issues are then voted and and resolved with the guidance of the residents.

It’s not uncommon to find people from all walks of life at these recovery and treatment centers. Whether you’re wealthy or less fortunate, elderly or still young, well-known or alone, anyone can become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. Often, the person who is suffering from an addiction has a hard time seeing it for themselves.

The people who are employed and operate addiction treatment and rehab centers are usually highly qualified professionals who understand the complexities of addiction and know how difficult it is to overcome. With their experience, there’s not much they haven’t seen and are well suited to handle most addiction cases.

Making the decision to enter yourself or a loved one into an addiction treatment center in California of any kind might seem intimidating, but it shouldn’t. The best way to get help is by reaching out to those who not only know how to help, but who also want to help.

Make the decision today.

Everyone deserves a life free from addiction, don’t they?

If you’re thinking a loved one may be suffering from an addiction here are a few signs to look for:

Addiction is an insidious disease that can take over a person’s mind and paint itself as a world perceived as happiness. The reality is, the person suffering from an addiction might not even realize how bad their habit may be. The signs of alcohol or drug addiction can vary depending on the type of drug and amount of drug that is being used.

Also, different drugs will affect people in different ways. For example, marijuana may make a person appear tired or sleepy, while stimulants or amphetamines will seem to speed someone up, so to speak. In addition to some people being more prone to addiction than others, some drugs are known to be more addictive than others.

If you’re concerned that someone may be suffering from an addiction, look for the following signs:

* An increase or decrease in appetite, changes in eating habits, or a sudden weight loss
* Changes in personality with no other identifiable cause
* Loss of interest in activities you used to find enjoyable
* Difficult in paying attention or forgetfulness
* Lack of motivation and energy
* Irregular sleep
* Paranoia
* Trouble with managing money
* Inability to stop using a drug of choice
* Excessive pre-occupation with your prescription drugs
* Doing things that wouldn’t be considered normal for a personality
* Use of drugs despite health problems or warnings
* Change in personal grooming habits like showering and changing clothes

The signs of addiction in others are similar to those listed above. You can also look for the following indicators as well:

* Smell of substance on clothes (e.g. marijuana, chemicals)
* Sudden need for privacy
* Violent temper or bizarre behavior
* Secretive or suspicious behavior
* Defensiveness or excessive laziness
* Unusual effort to cover up legs and arms
* Unexplained silliness or giddiness
* Drop in school or work performance
* Changes in friends
* Extreme hyperactivity or excessive talktativeness

If you notice any of these signs, an addiction could very well be present. It’s important that if these signs are present, they do not go ignored. Professional help should be sought out for the person of concern. The longer an addiction to drugs or alcohol lasts, the more permanent damage that can be done to the brain and body. That’s why it’s essential to seek help for the addiction as soon as possible.

It’s certainly easier to ignore the possibility that a loved one may have an addiction, then it is to step in and say something. However, the difference it will make in their lives, and their appreciation should be enough.That reward is much better than the the risk of seeing a friend or family member die from addiction that could have been stopped.

If the signs are there, there may be a problem. Once the problem is identified, if necessary, it can then be treated and a new path forged before any further damage is done.

Looks for the signs of an addiction and if there’s a a problem, give us a call!

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